What Things You Really Need To Start Running

There’s a common misconception that running is an expensive hobby.

It’s true that the raft of high-end items that you think you need would bankrupt the average pay-earner.

Although there are many pitfalls for the amateur runner to avoid, savvy running shops will always try to convince you that you need more than is absolutely necessary.

If you’re thinking about taking up the sport then, for the love of God, don’t fall for their well practiced sales patter. Specialist Running shops may well be the best place to receive advice on your gait, running schedules and upcoming events, but their advice on the equipment that you should have in your arsenal will always be biased.

If you’re looking to start running – don’t fall into their trap. Before you go off and spend a fortune on your new fangled running accessories, like a brand-obsessed footballer’s wife addicted to buying

A Pair of Decent Running Shoes

However impervious to damage your old pair of Nike Airs might seem, they’re almost certainly not going to provide you with enough support or comfort to take you through 12 months of training and a race day. In order to give yourself the absolute best chance in succeeding in your event – you’ll need to invest a good amount of money in your shoes, so that you can avoid injury and get your best times.

Whilst I can’t recommend any particular brand of shoes to you (as I’ve only bought one pair in my life), I can say with absolute confidence that, with this particular purchase, you’ll get what you pay for. If you choose to skimp out, you may end up wearing through your sub-standard shoes in a matter of months. Invest anything over £100, however, and you’ll find that you have more of a spring in your step – in addition to being able to wear them for twice as long.

Cheap Digital Watch

There are now countless numbers of running apps available to download onto most smart phones. Whilst some of these charge for their services (others are also free), the function they perform are all relatively similar. Personally, I find that running without a smart phone or ‘fit bit’ allows you to focus more on the run itself. Although it can be fascinating poring over statistics and numbers, you can perform the same function using a simple digital watch.

When it comes to using technology to help your runs, all you really need is a simple and accurate way of timing yourself. Casios (or their knock-off alternatives) are ludicrously cheap, you can pick a suitable watch up for less than a tenner online. Armed with this and a map to plan your route, you’ll easily be able to figure out those stats for yourself and re-learn some of your School-level mathematics in the process.

Friction-Free Joggers/T-Shirts

Lastly, I can’t stress enough how much this will help you out in the long run. Friction-Free clothes are usually made of a polyester combination, rather than the usual cotton, and will actively wick away sweat as your run rather than absorbing it – increasing the risk of chafing and adding additional weight for you to shift around. These items are the probably the most important part of your running setup, invest in the wrong materials and you could find yourself in a sticky situation come race day.

The good thing about these clothes items is that they are relatively inexpensive. Due to the huge boom in popularity that Running is currently receiving, there is a huge amount of options on the market. If you’re certain that you’ll commit to running then it certainly wouldn’t hurt to spend a few extra pounds on specialised running gear. However, if you’re looking to save then you can buy perfectly suitable options (at a much cheaper price) from budget retailers such as Sports Direct.

If you’re looking to get into running, don’t get tricked into spending a fortune on unnecessary gear – think before you purchase!