Top Running Resources

Runner’s World boasts a great Forum in addition to some wonderfully practical advice for both beginner and advanced runners.

 In addition to their excellent ‘Couch to 5k’ downloadable podcast, the NHS has some detailed information on the benefits and risks of taking up running as a hobby. 

 The popular fitness magazine has existed for this long for a reason. Expert advice and accessible tutorials guide the novice and intermediate fitness enthusiast through the world of running. Their 101 Tips for Running is a great place to start.

If in doubt, head to Reddit. Although you won’t always be able to rely on the advice of the myriad of contributors from around the world, what you will find there is an ample amount of enthusiasm and support!

 When it’s time to set a goal and book yourself into your first race, then this is a great place to start. With a full list of all distances and locations for the next year, this is the ultimate events guide for the British road runner.

 A good quality diet is absolutely crucial, if you intend on taking running seriously as a hobby then you’ll need to adapt your food intake accordingly. The BBC has a great source of recipes to start with.