The 2017 Marathon Running Plan

2017 is going to be the year for me.

Although I’m fully aware that this is perhaps the most dangerous time of the year to engage in foolishly optimistic portents – there still remains in me a ludicrously upbeat sense that this will be ‘my year.’

I finished last year on a high, I’d spent the year slowly building up my running speed and distance, until I felt ready to start tackling much bigger distances this year. It is my aim to complete a marathon by the end of the year – I’ve spent nearly a decade burning off the fat that I had accumulated in just as much time, now it’s time to put my new fangled fitness to the test!

With every New Year Resolution, it’s doomed to failure unless you can ensure that your targets are achievable and measurable.

So that I’m fully prepared to run my marathon this year, I’m going to have a small list of mini-goals that will help me reach the finish line:

Start Strength Training In The Gym

I’ve read in forums all over the internet, that a big part of completing a marathon is ensuring that you have the strength and endurance to complete the run.

Simply going on a few leisurely jogs each week won’t quite cut it when it comes to preparation. In order to raise my base level of strength, I’m going to be heading in to the gym 3 days a week to work on some strength training. Easy to do activities, such as dumbbell lifts, pull-ups and squats should be enough to get me competition ready.

Increase Intake Of Protein To Build Mass

Although the overweight man inside of me inwardly shrinks away from the idea of ‘gaining’, I’ve got to the point now where I would actually benefit from gaining some mass.

This doesn’t mean that I’ll be running to the chippy every night to invest in some fatty products – but it does mean that I’ll be eating a lot more protein, in a bid to gain some significant muscle before my first ever race. I’m going to be doing this by investing in a lot of chicken and beef, but I’m also hoping to get it through vegetables and pulses too.

Keep A Record Of My Progress

What’s the use of making a plan if you can’t tell how far through it you are?

In addition to recording down my times and distances, I’m also hoping to keep a consistent record of how I’m doing with all my aims here on this blog. There’s a great deal to be said about accountability and the effect that this has on performance. When it comes to how I’m planning to stick to my targets, I’m hoping that keeping up a consistent, honest record of my progress will help me stick to my guns this year.

Find A Running Club

Lastly, this will probably be the toughest of all my targets.

Logistically it’s a piece of cake. All I need to do is a quick Google search for local running clubs and find one that fits my level of ability. The hard bit of this will be actually meeting the rest of the club members. For a long time I’ve lived a relatively reclusive lifestyle. I have friends at work, but that’s how they stay. My time spent outside of work is mostly spent alone – so that needs to change. By joining a running club I can meet some like-minded individuals and hopefully find some new running partners!