One Month Down!

Where has January gone?!

As ever, the first few weeks of the year have flown by with little or no regard for the people living in it.

January is always a strange time of year; most people are keen to make their own mark on the year and keep to their resolutions, it can always be tempting to slip back into comforting old habits.

It’s been three weeks since the New Year has begun and I don’t feel like I’ve made much progress so far. Since the holidays have ended, I’ve eased my way back into work life and pretty much continued with the same running schedule that I’d been doing before the New Year.

However, despite the slightly pessimistic stance I appear to have taken to the start of 2017 – I have still learned something since my last post.

Preparation Is Key When It Comes To Eating

You can lay out a detailed plan of action and write up a menu with a serious amount of nutritional know-how on it, but that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll actually go through with your plan. As with everything, preparation is absolutely critical in sticking to a plan – especially when it involves food. Although my menu is relatively flexible, I still found myself deviating from it in a big way as soon as the ingredients weren’t to hand.

Lesson: I’ve learnt to buy all my food (plus more) for each week before it starts. I also prepare meals the night before to cement my plan for the next day. 

It’s Important To Stay Wrapped Up

We might well be coming off the back of one of the warmest Decembers, but that doesn’t mean that it’s shorts and sandals weather out there. For the first couple of runs this year I was majorly caught out by the dropping temperatures. I tend to get very hot and sweaty when I run, so I always assume that I’ll be able to brave the initial cold and warm up regardless. However, this January I got well and truly stitched up by the sudden frosts.

Lesson: Don’t be a muppet – wrap up warm. Bought a pom pom hat from Amelia Jane, looked girly but felt so warm and toasty it didn’t matter.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Although I was perfectly content with running the same circuits throughout the whole of last year, there was something strangely monotonous about starting on the same route again this year. Having a regular running routine can either be a really useful way of tracking your progress or it can be an albatross around your neck, making every single run a chore. I live in a relatively rural area, so there are plenty of places to choose from and there’s no excuse for me to not find a new route.

Lesson: Keep running routes mixed up in order to avoid the onset of ennui. The internet, Google Maps and Strava are your friends! 

Never Stop Trying

There have been times already this January when I’ve felt like skipping a day and just vegging out on the sofa. It can be really difficult to motivate yourself, especially when we’re in the midst of this cold, dark winter – but if you’re similarly struggling with motivation, then find strength in yourself and get going.

Lesson: Don’t let the dark nights get to you. Man up and pull on your trainers – you’ll be grateful in the long run.